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WP 2 - Mapping of small-hydro sector in the EU

HYDROACTION starts its activities by reaching out to the companies of the sector in Europe. They will be the ones to profit from the project results ultimately so it is important to interact at an early stage, share their views and discuss their needs.

The objective is to assess the effectiveness of the design processes used by small hydraulic turbine manufacturers and the efficiency of the invested resources. The need for the new tool will be also evaluated. Finally the interest of the sector to extend the optimization procedure to other types of hydraulic turbines will be examined.

A questionnaire will be used to collect information directly from the target group on the dimensioning practises applied by them in the design of small hydro-turbines. The collected data will be processed and analysed offering a valuable input for the next stages of the project. The results will be summarised in a report that will help the consortium to tailor the methodology to the needs of the end user.