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Hydroaction Overview

HYDROACTION has three main phases:

  1. Preparatory work will be performed, investigating the current methodologies applied in small hydro turbine design and defining the objectives that will be used for the optimization. In parallel, dissemination work will take place, spreading the knowledge about the objectives and results of the project.
  2. Selected flow analysis tools will be adapted for use in the design of small hydraulic turbines. Then the tools will be integrated in an optimization package, which will define the parameters for the turbine design.
  3. The developed methodology will be applied and scaled models of turbines will be designed, constructed and tested.

Each phase is further structured into separate work-packages (WP). All WPs of the project are briefly described in this section; please use the menu on the left to learn more about them.


source: ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH
source: ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH